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     So, here I am on my PC again, doing some research on the net about blogging since I'm new to it. Why did I start?? Well, I'm looking for an easy way to make an extra buck on the side. Will I ever make money at this?? Who knows?? I'm going to give it my best as in everything that I do. I can't say that I've ever really failed at anything before, so, I'm not going to start now. I always hated English when I was in school, but, for some strange reason I enjoyed the times that I got to write something. So, here I am.....writing.....again. This is so unlike me! I'm used to crawling under the hood of a car or installing security systems for companies and stuff, yet, here I am writing a Blog. Funny how life can change and you end up doing something that you never thought you would do. What have you done lately that you never thought you would do??


     Here I am again, just finished writing another installment on my Windows Phone review, which is more of a tell all about Windows Phone than anything. I can't help but think about Christmas at the moment. What is the big thing that everyone is going to want this year going to be?? Hmmm, I can't think of anything that is going to be released by Christmas that I just can't wait to get my hands on. Windows 8 is another year away, I'll probably be ditching my android tablet for a Windows 8 tablet for sure this time next year. I'm trying to get my Fiance to upgrade her phone to one of the new Windows phones that should be hitting the market within the next month. Hopefully Nokia will announce when they will release their Windows phones, can't wait to see that. Oh, and the Playstation 4...that's probably going to be next year. So, anyone have an idea?? I guess I'll scour the internet and see what I can dig up!

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